Maksim Yegorov

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Work Experience

2017-08-31 till today

Software Engineer Intern at

contributing to the standard library implementation of the MLton compiler (Standard ML)

2017-06-05 till 2017-08-25

Software Engineer Intern at Earnest, Inc.:

Full-stack development using Node.js/React

wrote and deployed to production a tool to visualize and explore the chain of loan underwriting calculations (ReactJS, Jenkins, Docker)

designed and implemented a JS interpreter for a JSON selector DSL: pattern match and filter deeply nested JSON with the ease of jQuery

2016-06-13 till 2016-12-23

Software Engineer Intern at Intuit, Inc.:

Javascript & Java test automation on the Open Platform/Turbotax team

wrote a JS module and a command line tool for root-level access to TurboTax test accounts

set up the web service and UI functional testing frameworks for credit score and student loan experiments seen by millions of TurboTax customers (Java/Maven/TestNG, NodeJS/Selenium WebDriver)

wrote a custom test reporter to compile and report test stats to an internal dashboard (MochaJS)

2010-06-02 till 2015-08-31

Bridge Designer / Project Engineer at Buckland & Taylor, Thornton Tomasetti, Tipping Mar:

Structural analysis and design of buildings and bridges

performed the structural analysis and design for projects that won multiple national and international awards for engineering, including the new Tappan Zee bridge, Baku Olympic Stadium, World Financial Center, Deh Cho Bridge, Evergreen Point Floating Bridge

wrote Python scripts to automate and enable interoperability among various MS Windows programs, to process & visualize data, perform structural code checks, and facilitate CAD & finite element modeling

licensed as Professional Engineer (Civil), State of California License #81984


2015-09-01 till 2018-06-01

Rochester Institute of Technology

MS: Computer Science (3.97)

2009-09-01 till 2010-06-01

University of California at Berkeley

Civil (Structural) Engineering (3.75)


Languages: Python, Javascript, Node.js, ReactJS, Java, Haskell, Standard ML

Tools: Git, Vim, Docker, Jenkins, Linux shells

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